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What is 'scrumbling' or freeform crochet?
Who is Sylvia Cosh?

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Morecambe Summer School 1978

Crochet Forum 2003:
Scrumblers Unite!
Geelong Forum within a Forum – fond memories of a great event


to a celebration of 'scrumbling'
and all creative freeform crochet:

Sylvia Cosh :: James Walters :: Crochet
Scrumblers' Gallery Online
The Gateway
Crochet Forum 2003

Crochet fabric detail

Sylvia Cosh :: James Walters :: Crochet

centres around the work of Sylvia and James, who worked and taught together between 1977 and 2000

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Scrumblers' Gallery Online

The Gallery is dedicated to the memory of Sylvia Cosh, her creative work and her teaching. When it opened, few people had access to space on the internet or knew how to use it, so our main purpose was to enable anyone, who so desired, to show their freeform crochet. That situation has now changed beyond all recognition and, although the Gallery is still on view, it is now closed to new exhibitors

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The Long Room:
'Celebration for Sylvia' – Commemorative Hangings by

  • the international Freeform Crochet Yahoo Group
  • the Northern Illinois Chapter of the Crochet Guild of America

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The Gateway

a portal to information about freeform crochet, including:

links to other sites where creative freeform crochet is on show

• a resource listing for:

• books, bookfinders
• classes, courses, workshops
• conferences, conventions
• exhibitions, events
• videos/DVDs

'Where are they now?'
– some great names from the past …

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Crochet fabric detail

Crochet Forum 2003: Scrumblers Unite!

This TAFTA Forum-within-a-Forum at Geelong was a huge excitement for all of us who are into free-form crochet – a whole week-long convention devoted to 'scrumbling' (creative freeform crochet) – which took place within TAFTA Forum – one of the most successful and exciting textile events in the world, run by The Australian Forum for Textile Arts.

This was the brain-child of Jenny Dowde, who, with tutors Prudence Mapstone, Suzie Bowring-Miller and James Walters, led an exploration into creative crochet, which was loosely based on the theme, 'The Garden of Eden', and included the fabulous serpent, 'Scrumbalot'




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